Monday, 2 July 2018

Siege wall complete 02/07/2018: Complete

Hi all

With much thanks to my Mum and Step Dad for their help, I managed to finish the Siege wall just before the Titan Owners Club Walk UK 2018. 

So as you can see I managed to finish a very long siege wall. In total it has 9x 2ft complete sections, 3x 2ft collapsed sections and a 2ft collapsed extender and a 2ft game. So in total 28ft of a great defensive structure. 

These were the paints I mixed all together to give me the wall colour. 

I sprayed sporadic Halfords grey primer, Mournfang Brown and Zandri dust over each piece before the airbrush stage, to break the colour up. 

As you can see, some of the base spray comes through. 

I then used T spacers to create the Iron overlaps present on the walls. These were purchased from:

These were sanded down slightly to promote adhesion with paint. 

Then the walk! 

Overall I am pleased with the shape and size of it. I will be adding some further edge highlighting, chipping, weathering and sprayed insignia before the next event to help it pop. 

So happy to walk away from it now though lol