Monday, 20 August 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Warhound sprues

Hi all

So the Warhound Sprues have been shown off and it looks like they will be coming in pairs :)

Legs look to be one part. Maybe they are different extensions to help add a little bit more variety. 

Armour panels mostly on one sprue as with the Warlord (awesome!!)

Lovely options and detailing. I need 2x of the bottom left Carapace options though to recreate my 28mm Engines. 


  1. Sprues look good. I’m relieved that there’s two in a box.

  2. Did I miss the post of the Reaver spru's as they are above the warhound spru's in the pictures above ?

  3. Nice. Two per box and quite a few options as well.
    2 different heads, 2 different crotch armour plates, 3 different armour plates for the legs, 4 different designs for the carapace armour (2 traitors and 2 loyalists it seems), and legs have different angles, probably also usable as either left or right.
    This leaves a couple of components for conversions or basing.

  4. Glad that they come in pairs.

  5. All the weapons options! Glory be!

  6. I hoped the legs twisted at knee, but I’m sure these can get a good range of dynamic loping and bounding.

  7. So is it 1 reaver per box and 2 Warhounds per box? Any idea on cost? I am waiting on the GM set so will have the Warlord and 3 Knights. I was maybe going to add a reaver and the pair of warhounds per side. This is looking really sweet! I always wanted to get the FW models for these titans but way too expensive for something that would just sit there...albeit very pretty looking!