Saturday, 18 August 2018

WarhammerFest Europe 2018

We will be getting pictures sent in across the day today as coverage from WarhammerFest 2018. 

I will be adding photos to this across the day. 

The Warhound looks incredible. Thanks to Lyden P. 



More Rogue Trader!

Nurgle Blood Bowl team. Based on the artistic work of Mark Bedford. 

Sisters of Silence 2019!!


  1. Make that Sisters of Battle, the Fleur de Lys is their symbol, far more than of the Sisters of Silence.

  2. I honestly can't tell if heresy is dying or not. I never listen to the weirdo doomsday theorists. but how can you cut MkII, III and IV armour, along with both resin Terminator marks, and ALL kinds of boltguns, without making it look like they are obliterating the range?

    1. Very few people use mk 2 (relative to the other marques) and mk 3 is available in plastic along with mk 4?

      And you can get the bolt guns in the plastic kits, replace them with special and/or heavy weapons and have plenty of spares for other units or converting.

    2. It's not the base kits I'm talking about. It's the other squads, like the assualt and heavy support options, as well as command character options. I'm talking about support for each of the armour lines, like *mark appropriate* bolguns, shoulder pads for power and tactical dreadnought armour, transfers.

      Also, I almost exclusively use MKII, because i like the look of them the most, and I love the early crusade. MkIII is often issued temporarily, and more so now, my taste for MkIV has been soured thanks to Primaris and 8th.

      The latest GW financial reports named Heresy as one of it's major lines, but they are also not likely to do another box set from what i have read. Either way, making people's only source of armour to be from 2 complete box sets, for such a large game following seems wrong and laughable. The fact that we keep seeing cool FW releases and this whole deal with Sororitas boltguns reminds me starkly of this fact.

    3. It is a cost benefit decision. There are plastic versions available which are cheaper, easier and quicker to produce than resin. The resin versions are not selling from the FW warehouse so they discontinued them. Maybe we will see a plastic version of mk 2 but probably not as most people use Mk 3 and 4 instead. And lots of people convert standard characters from these kits. The things that FW make more sales and thus money from are vehicles and special characters. And I don't think they have dropped a single one of them from their Heresy line for the space marines.

      As I said, relatively few people use Mk 2 (your self being one of them) as at the time of the Heresy Mk 4 was becoming standard issue. It sucks for you and is unfortunate if you have based your choices around that but FW can not cater to every ones personal choice if it is unsustainable as a business choice for them. It's that painful point where hobby love conflicts with the hard choices a business has to make.

    4. Two HH characters and two BA Praetor models for HH were just released today. I think HH is fine, a smaller more niche game compared to 40k but that is as intended.

  3. Just arrived at Düsseldorf.

    I’m so exited about tomorrow...

  4. Legio Ignatium marches! Damn, now my Warlord looks off, because I based it on the cover from "Burden of loyalty"

  5. Future must be ok for hh. Looks like it might get rebranded siege of terra when it reaches that point, some time behind the books. Plus ba and jetbike WS armies will be popular