Monday, 17 September 2018

Planning a Sector Imperialis Board

Good evening everyone!

Recently I have been heading back into the Warhammer 40,000 universe to play the awesome new (updated) release of Kill Team!

Whilst assembling the new modular imperial sector terrain kit, it became apparent to me that it wasn't designed to work the the Realm of Battle board. To make it work would take a ton of work that I really can't be bothered with. So I have started on the road to planning my own modular city board. If this proves to be a popular article then I will show more of my planning stages and stage by stage assembly, if not then I will show you when I am finished. This article is to show you why I feel the board is not fit for purpose and also to show some of my inspiration so far.

Here is what the Kill Team board looks like with some  assembled buildings:

As you can see, footpaths are everywhere and you would have to plan your buildings around the idea that the boards would be static and never changing for it to work. A bit like the awesome work that Peachy from Warhammer TV has done here:

This is further evidenced on the boards at Warhammer World where the buildings are created to be static situ, which is no good for a modular board:

My other criticism for the Imperial Sector is the textures. Who is coming along and hoovering out the footpath? There is no debris or anything! Just take a walk down your local shopping centre and you will see every gap in the pavement is full of some crap! Guiding a pushchair on the Imperial Sector footpath would be an absolute nightmare! You would dread popping to Tesco!

So I would like to go for something more like the Forge World design:

The examples above are a mix of Forge World and custom and I think exactly what I would be looking for. Again, the Forge World boards are not designed with the new terrain kit in mind and also the road system sucks balls. 

I would love to see/hear about some inspirational boards that you know of and I am keen for any feedback. I would also like to hear from anybody with a lazer cutting machine that can do plasticard, foam board and MDF. 

Thanks for reading my post. If I get a few comments I will keep you informed. If not I will see you at the end lol

Stay fluffy