Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Bad Moon Orks: Gretchin

Hello everyone,

With it being Orktober I'm back to show you how I have been getting along with my 40K Orks.

First up, it's the Gretchin!

Although I know they are not the best unit to take in games, I'll likely be taking them as a fluffy option.

The other reason for doing this unit is obviously because they're cool models and didn't take too long to paint in the grand scheme of things.

My Ork army has now reached around 1000 points, so I will be showing you each unit in a post over the coming weeks or so.

 I have however recently finished a rather large ork contraption that i'll show you next time!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. Great little characters! I like the subtle greens you use on the skin.

  2. It's not a proppa Ork Army without the little guys around to get in the way of the enemy, carry your stuff, clear minefields, help cross trenches/razorwire, provide convenient snacks, etc.

  3. Grotz are a great unit! Screens, objective holding, deep strike denial...

  4. Your Ork skin always looks amazing. Do you have a painting guide for their skin anywhere?