Friday, 28 December 2018

Blackstone Fortress: Spindle Drones

Hi all

Another quick win: the stunning Spindle Drones from Blackstone Fortress. 

Once again I followed Peachys guide. 

Firstly black. 

Then a Drybrush of Thunderhawk blue over all ridges from every angle on the legs, followed by a further zenithal Drybrush of Fenrisian Grey on the legs. This is the equivalent of edge highlighting for those who want to spend extra time on the gribblies. 

Then Russ Grey on the torso all over. Leaving deeper recesses black. 

This was followed by a Drybrush and thin coating of Ulthuan Grey on the raised and higher areas. 

Screamer pink thinned down with Lahmian Medium over the eye and even thinner on the surrounding surface to give a glowing effect. 

There we have it.