Saturday, 9 February 2019

Hector Cephas - Adeptus Titanicus update

Hi everybody,

Looks like I've dropped out of range of the Bunnies auspex for a while again. I had a longer break away from the hobby than expected but I'm back!

Despite the break, I've made a few decisions about how I'm approaching Adeptus Titanicus - mainly, I'm not going to be doing Ignatum as my first legio, I'm going to do Defensor instead - when the Warhammer Community did some of the previews for Titandeath, I fell in love with the Nova Guard colour scheme, great contrasts so I decided to jump ship! My second legio on the other hand I'm no closer to deciding upon - I need it to be a traitor legio but I really can't make up mind, completely open to suggestions!

Over the next few weeks, I'll share my progress building and painting my titans. I built and primed my 5 Warlords, 6 Reavers and 18 Questoris Knights before my break and I have 2 Melta Reavers, 8 Warhounds, 6 Cerastus Lancers and 4 Warlord Plasma upgrade sprues to build and prime and then I can start painting it all in anger!

How's everyone progressing with their projects at the moment? Also, any suggestions on traitor legios?

Until next time!