Thursday, 14 February 2019

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Primus Medicae Work in Progress

Hi all

It’s nice to get back to a 28mm model again, and a Horus Heresy one at that. 

I decided one evening this week to look at wrapping up my Death Guard Legion between AT and Titan projects. So I excitedly decided to start with a character, as it had been a while since I did any Legionnaires. 
This model I am a big fan of, and I believe the heavy armour and padded garment (what’s it called people?!) really screams Death Guard. 

The armour is nice and bespoke. I especially like the power cells on top.

Standard base colours down. 

White blended up with white scar and Lahmian medium. 

I put a lot of effort into the blood bags. The surrounds are meant to be clear and so with son careful shading I added the colour beneath to the surrounding edge to give that impression. 

Love a bit of Verdigris!!

All that’s left now is to ship the armour, add transfers (which I have misplaced!!), weather with some soiling and blood, then base the mini!

Drake Seta


  1. Great to see a return to the Heresy for you. Surprised you did your Death Guard over your Fenryka, but this is definitely a pleasant surprise. :)

  2. Gambeson. Padded garment used with armor...

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    1. Sorry, fingers in a muddle whilst typing!

      Really like this miniature, and the colour scheme looks really good

      Well done!

  4. Awesome, he's on my table for my Raven Guard at the moment! With the lack of Heresy in my area (that I know of) I'm going to use him as a Primaris Apothecary with the Armour Indomitus relic representing their Chief Apothecary in the 41st millennium.

  5. When I first saw this mini come out I didn't like it but it does grow on you like a stellar pxx, I quite like it. Looks good in DG colours, with his 'gambeson' belly he does look Nurgle-esque anyway.

    And a welcome return to HH minis for the Bunnies :)

  6. Actually one of my favorite minis hands down. I run mine with my Imperial Fists every chance I get. Great job on the armour and blood packs Drake