Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Warbringer Nemesis: Chassis assembled

Hi all

I have been working hard twice a week on getting some MKV and additional Death Guard done, with the aim of running a Campaign with them soon for the blog (more info to follow), but I have also allowed two evenings a week for my fifth and final 28mm Engine for Legio Mortis, my Warbringer called Widow’s Wail.

The main structure was a fit fiddly to get into the correct place when it came to gluing/joining together.

The rear reactor vents struggled to fit into the rear slots without sitting at an odd angle. 

Everything was assembled properly up to this stage (nothing out of place etc.)

You can see here it just didn't sit in it's slot as it should.

To get the vent joining correctly, the rear would have to be pulled away from the gangway (as in the images further above).

But if the rear was married up against the gangway as shown in all construction images of the Warbringer, I got a displacement like this at the sides by the coupling.

I decide to take a knife to the components to hopefully help it sit in a better position. You can see a before image on the left and a mirrored after image on the right.

 I removed around 2-3mm after the banding ends on the upper surface (this disappears under the Engine anyway, and I also nicked off a corner where it buts up to the long and thin mid vent 
 This got me the fit I was after as you can see.
 Here is another look at what I removed.

 The legs were assembled quite quickly. I would say they look incredible, but they are the hardest legs to pose out of all Titans released by Forge World. The knee joints themselves almost had me in tears.

I will suggest a few things.
  1. After you have decided exactly where you want the feet placed, try taping them to the table/tray as it can be very helpful (stops the Engine from Bambi on Icing everywhere whilst you struggle to get all other parts in the correct place).
  2. Read the instructions twice. Make sure you listen to them. The hydraulics at the front and back do not have the biggest range/tilt, so to get a semi good striding pose, use the bent toe and/or have one leg with the hydraulic fully inserted in the front on one foot and fully in the rear on the other.
  3. Try to get a good wide legged stance by having the legs spread out quite wide and aim for a good gap beneath and between. I also turned the hips out to add a bit more of a dynamic pose.
  4. Assemble the torso first and get a small spirit level. At the end of the day the Torso is a solid mass, it helps to consider balance when you have the big torso piece to hand fully assembled.
Come back soon to see more progress.

Drake Seta