Saturday, 13 April 2019

Hector Cephas - Thousand Sons Characters


Just thought I would show some of my characters that I've put together while I wait for an opportune moment to get stuff primed and ready to be painted and otherwise a quick update on where I've got to.

As you will have seen in my update from last week, I've made this standard bearer for my tartaros terminator command squad - for those who read my previous list of units for my Thousand Sons, yup, the list has expanded to include some tartaros terminators with scarab occult bits to make them look part of the thousand sons legion without being so heavily ornamented that they may not look like normal terminators as I gave myself the option to field a 5 man terminator squad or a 5 man command squad (aka, I have an alternative sergeant model!). I also made some characters from a box of scarab occult terminators anyway as the sorcerer from that set looked like he'd make a great praetor model as an alternative to the cataphractii one pictured at the top of the post. For those interested in the greenstuff work I am doing on this army, I will be putting up another post in the coming weeks covering this conversion plus other stuff that I am doing too.

Another character model that I've converted is the chaplain model from the Betrayal at Calth set. Quite a simple conversion really - I replaced the plasma pistol with a hand from the Grey Knights strike squad set, the robe bits are from the Scarab Occult set (just snipped them off the sorcerer torso and filed them to fit) and pinned one of the spare swords from the Khenetai Occult upgrade set to the haft of the chaplains power maul to turn it into a heka staff like the one on Ahriman.

I've upgraded my separator box for this project - there just wasn't enough slots for all the bits I need for build all of my marines in batch but this one was a lot more accommodating. I've started the process of building everything, it won't be long at all until it is all built!

Speaking of things that are built - now there are three rhinos and their bigger brother will be coming out to play soon too!

Until next time.

Hector Cephas