Monday, 27 May 2019

33 Days until Titan Owners Club Walk 2019 UK begins!

Hi all

Titan Owners Club UK's Walk will be kicking off on the 29th of June 2019! only 34 days away. I will be bringing the Bloodmire Battle Maniple (Warlord, Warbringer, Reaver and two Warhounds) and hoping to get a plethora of Engine Kills.

Last year was incredible and it saw around 40 Units take to the field:

Death Knell breaks through the wall and begins to melt his foes!

Canticum Malitae speeds ahead to run through the commercial district.

This year the club will have a backdrop too to enable our event photographer to take photos of our Engines against a 5m long horizon landscape.

Terrain is good and suitably large. This year there are some fantastic additions that we will be bringing (which we are keeping as a surprise for now).

Death Knell and Bone Garland target the foes over the wall.

 Bone Garland, the lead engine of the Bloodmire Battle Maniple.

Seeking Engines to kill.

The Loyalists march!

This year the Battle mat is 50% longer! 

 Legio Fureans represented and racked up a significant tally of kills.

Legio Crucius Walks for Ryza!

Knight banners (fear the Armiger).

 Legio Tempestus Walks!

House Terryn made great account of themselves against the Scout Engines.

The Warp Runners formed one point of the Pincer through the Siege Wall breach to envelop the Engines of the Tiger Eyes, whilst Knight Banners raced in close.

The terrain helped the swifter Warhounds outflank and get close to the bigger Engines.

Chaos Engines went to war, claws twitching they closed for the kill, scrapcode blaring.

 Terrain was used as a respite when larger Engines drew a bead on a damaged Titan or when the foe was too great a threat.

Engines looked fantastic too. All were painted!

Knights advancing through the Container yard whilst the Engines of the Legio Fureans tried to keep them at an arms length by making use of the terrain to funnel them into choke points.

If you have one or more 32mm Scale Titans produced by Forge World, and you want to pitch them against other Engines on the field of battle, there are still 10 Loyalist and 9 Traitor spaces still available. Since getting my Engines they have only seen use 3 times, but it is only when fielded against other Engines do I feel like I am getting the most enjoyment out of them. If you are interested in attending you can see the event announcement page HERE.

Currently the Club has 77 units in attendance (66 Titans and 11 Knight banners), you can see the break down below:
  • 11 Knight Banners
  • 27 Warhound Titans
  • 19 Reaver Titans
  • 6 Warbringer Nemesis Titans
  • 14 Warlord Titans
This is a 2 day event.

Prices per Engine (price covers Saturday and Sunday gaming):

  • 1x Knight Banner (3-6 Questoris Knights or 2-4 Cerastus Knights) £10
  • 1x Warhound £10
  • 1x Reaver £15
  • 1x Warbringer £15
  • 1x Warlord £15
  • Unlimited coffee, Tea and Biscuits £5

   10 Loyalist & 9 Traitor spaces available   

So if you want to bring your official Imperial/Chaos Forge World Titan and/or Knight banner to battle on the biggest gaming mat in the world (54ft x 16ft) using 32mm scaled up Adeptus Titanicus rules, then this event is perfect for you!

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