Monday, 2 September 2019

Aeronautica Imperialis: unboxing

Hi all

We are have been fortunate enough to have early access to the newest Specialist Game which is coming out shortly; Aeronautica imperialis. I have heard fantastic things about this game, with some considering it the second best game to ever come out of Games Workshop following Adeptus Titanicus.

Since I was a kid I have been crazy about World War 2 and early nineties fighter jets, Star Wars and Warhammer, so as you can imagine this is right up my street. The Thunderbolt fighter is also one of my favourite designs (to me it is the Hurricane of the 41st millennium).
This game gives me the opportunity to make a Squadron of the same fighter class, and paint them in my favourite camouflage design from history.

The box art is beautiful and gets you right into the mood for some dog fighting!

Unlike many boxes, this one is not filled to the brim with content and it even has a bit of room for further purchases (which is great for storage). 

2 Thunderbolts. There are 2 different sets of armaments, and there are enough parts to have the same loadout for both.

2 Marauder Bombers

3 Dakka Jets!

2 Fighta Bommers

Marauder sprue 2

The Rule book is nice and compact. I will be having a look at it over the next few weeks and getting some games in hopefully.

Really looking forward to seeing what comes out of GW where it comes to famous squadron transfers and the like.