Saturday, 27 February 2021

Kill Team: Pariah Nexus our first week

Hi all 

We have had a week and a bit of fun with this boxed game, so have a peak. 

So firstly the Necrons will be painted for my boy Nate who is collecting the Szarekhan dynasty. They were really fiddly to assemble but the detail is incredible. 
The legs don’t seem to have a perfect sweet spot to settle in, especially when using plastic glue. The rest of the kit is perfect, so that is my only minor grumble. 

I have started converting the Heavy Intercessor for my Grimbloods Great Company of the Space Wolves. 
The Heavy Intercessors are a joy to assemble. I could not find any imagery in the books regarding which ammo clip represented each Bolt rifle type so I just matched them in with the Captain’s and will inform my opponent what they are. 

The scenery is cracking. I am really impressed. I am moving home shortly, so will be making a display case/shelf for each of my family’s armies/team/gang/Warband etc. So for Nate’s Necrons, it now looks like I can effectively do a Tomb scene :)

Not all terrain is used on every game which is good. As you can see this below was the left overs from our first game. 

Here you can see our first game. It was a good crack so we are looking forward to getting the models painted and doing the missions in the book from start to finish. 

The core rules do not come in the box and it does say that the core rules are needed on the rear of the Pariah Nexus book. 
They have the corridor based variations to the rules in here though which is obviously needed. 

Anyway. Great box with a great double sided board. Going to be a fun expansion to play!!