Thursday, 15 July 2021

Legio Vulcanum I Dark Fire: 28mm Warlord Titan progress

Hi all

Lauren has been busy on her new Warlord Titan. She has decided to paint it in Legio Vulcanum I Dark Fire colours. 

There is not much more to do now, but it’s looking fantastic. 

The Graphite Grey of Vulcanum was achieved with an undercoat of black followed by a 50:50 mix of Mechanicum Standard Grey and Leadbelcher airbrushed over favouring it being brighter on the higher edges or centre of larger panels. 

The Titan was then given a thorough covering of Klear (or Pledge Multi Surface Wax). Followed by another. 

She used a combination of Streaking grime from AK on some panels and also a muddy mix of Black, Raw Umber and Raw sienna oil paints with a bit of white spirits to thin, to get the recessed grime look. 

Cover the panel, heat up with a hair dryer so it’s almost completely dry (almost is the key word here). And then buff off with some cut up cotton sheets or old t-shirts. You can buff up and down lightly and hard in different ways to get different effects. You can also try to ensure you have some stream lines by bolts to look like water / grime runoff. 

She also used the same technique on the skeleton too. 

Worth to practice this technique first because it can be temperamental. A rhino side is always helpful. 

We have recorded a video which we will be putting up soon too of how she painted her 2 Warhounds with a step by step guide. 

Battle Bunnies.