Sunday, 12 December 2021

Warhammer 40,000 Shadow Throne

Hi all

All of the Shadow Throne miniatures are now assembled and we have had a fun few mini games to test out the characters. 

Tsk the box itself is essentially a let’s start collecting box for 2 people. There aren’t any rules on how to play or any dice/measurement strips etc. The book itself is cool and has all the rules you will need to field each faction if you have the core 40K rules. 

The conflict is set on Terra with the Imperial forces sending a total domination force to quell/sort a Genestealer Cult which has been found in the depths by chance. The narrative is really good and sets the scene well. 

There are 2 missions in the box which look like they will be fun to play. Just need to get them painted and we will go from there!

The Blade Champion is a beast. He can use 3x different techniques or blade combinations. Hurricanis is brilliant. It actually enables the Champion to have 12 attacks. Almost enough to mow through a Hybrid squad in a turn. 

Thanks to GW for the sample. 

Drake Seta