Saturday, 22 January 2022

Kill Team: Starter Set review

Kill Team Starter Set review

Hi all. 

Today the new Kill Team Starter set went up for pre-order! Woohoo! And what’s cooler is that we received a sample copy. :)

So we have been dabbling in the Octarius and Chalnath boxes for a while now (I am currently prepping a Wolfspear Kill Team and Lauren is planning a Aeldari Ranger Kill Team at some point in the future). 

I was expecting the contents to be the same as  with Octarius (books et al), but surprisingly it was not. So the Core Rules book is a pleasing size (pretty much A5 size) and 50 pages fewer (the whole “Ten thousand years of War” section has been stripped out) than the Kill Team Core book. 

The best part though is the “Recruit Edition” book. Now I remember when I first played through with the core book thinking “ok. This is a bit heavy to jump straight into”. The great thing is the Recruit edition basically holds your hand and leads you through the process of a series of mini-games and adds additional rules  / things to focus on as you go. Really wish I had this book when I first played!

Apart from that, it contains the same forces as from the Octarius box set (and who doesn’t like Krieg and Kommandos!?), all the measuring tools, dice and tokens too. 

The Krieg are a great looking army, and I hope this a Dawn of a huge range of them!

Kill Team is one of Games Workshops best games, and this box is the perfect way to get into it.