Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Knights Army Box

Hi all

Was lucky enough to get sent the new chaos knight army set for review by Games Workshop!

Right of the bat what can I say about this kit well this set includes two sets of sprues of the new war dog kit and 1 set of sprues for the knew chaos knight kit.

Also inside the set is the knew codex and data cards foe the army

The war dog sprues has everything you need to build almost every variant excluding the Executioner or Helverin (for you imperial players). The kit has a lot of extra bits and bobs to upgrade your existing war dogs including birds and chaos spikes which can easily be transferred to the imperial kits. If you've magnetised your existing War Dogs fear not the kit is fully compatible with the imperial kits so you can easily make all 4 variants of War Dogs if you so wish!! I will definitely be picking up a few of these.

The knight kit is a re brand of the existing chaos knight kit with a few extra sprues for the Abominant on top of the existing set, so it has the possibility to build one of the following: Despoiler, Desecrator, Rampage and of course the new Abominant

The codex art work is beautiful as ever with new lore for the knight houses such as Korvax and house Vextrix, with these houses they also have there own dreaded house rules to follow suit. With regards to changes from the previous codex it all variants of knights have gone up in power level however this is countered by the fact they all have special rules that link to that War Dog counter part for example the the Rampager gives the ability to re roll hot rolls of 1 in melee so you would want to pair this with either the Karnivore or Huntsmen.

To wrap up this is a great set to anyone starting out in the hobby or someone like me who needs to add more beautiful engines to my house Malinax.

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