Thursday, 6 October 2022

Mechanicum: Moirax

As with all my Mechanicum, I have stuck wll sorts of nonsense to them.
This Moirax is no different.

There wasn’t much kitbashing with this chap but I have attached a lot of scale barbed wire and some plasti-card armour panels.
Its known that vehicle crews on prolonged campaigns end up attaching desperate additional armour to their vehicles or crudely patching damage by welding/bolting sheets of metal on.
 Examples of this can be seen on the right thigh and Lighting Lock shroud.
As Xana II are known for being unpleasant individuals, some barbed wire has been added to the weapons barrels.
Not sure on the effectiveness of this but it sure looks grim/intimidating.

Underneath the Knights chin, I’ve put some Mechadendrite for reasons I’m yet to understand myself. Maybe they can hold stuff for the tech priests while they service the Knight.
The Chassis Number can be spotted along side an honour marking on the from left of the carapace.

The Gory Crow likes some order in the chaos

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