Monday, 30 January 2023

Weekly Progress Report 30/01/2023

Hi all
That’s right another week down!

The son of xana has been working on the new Nomad header and Duneskuttler whilst trying to get his remaining knights ready for the beach head event in a couple weeks time. You will see a video of it tomorrow on our YouTube Channel! :)

EnginePhil has just finished Lord Solar Leontus, and you can see a video of his work here:

Hector has been up at Warhammer World for the AoS Throne of Skulls Doubles event this weekend but managed to get some progress done on his enforcers - the black on the armour plates is pretty much done (highlighting and shaded), remaining base coats need doing now so will have a less monochrome picture to share next week!

The Gory Crow has been painting the individual tools carried by Solar Auxilia personnel. No one will see them but it's all in the details. Next will be the random canteens and possibly filter bowls that cover these guys

Eyecon74 has been working on an Eldar Revenant on an ice base, and a cute little Owl bear cub for a friend 😄

Battle Bunnies

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