Monday, 20 February 2023

Weekly Progress Report: 20/02/2023

Hi all,

Apologies for the lack of an update last week, we were all at Beachhead in Bournemouth (Hector was taking part in the Maximal Fire team event and everyone else was at the Titan Owners Club Walk in the main hall)! We've got more hobby to share this week so lets get into it.

Eyecon74 has been busy with a few projects, started work on the Tau Manta again, love the crew, they look really spindly and, well, alien I suppose!  Did some work on a commission job, an AT Warlord, and he built a base for his leaping Wraithknight

Son_of_xana has finally finished building his xana force at the moment he couldn't resist ending on building a dakka lord after last weeks TOC walk at beachhead. Next step is to prime and start painting the beginning of his full Vulturum force.

This week Engine Phil has been adding some Reavers to his existing Legio Metalica force

This week Hector has made a bit more progress on his Badzone Enforcers. Hoping that they will be mostly done by the end of the week.

Honey the Destroyer has been working on the Genestealer Cults Atalan Jackels. She's about to finish her third model in the set of five and looking to have them all done before the end of February.

What was going to be a simpler project for the Gory Crow has just escalated... he needs some body parts.

What are you all working on this week?

Battle Bunnies

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  1. I'm working on Primaris Reivers squad this week, and a Tactical Squad and first of the 18 Dreadnoughts from Goddenzilla!