Thursday, 23 March 2023

Adepticon in review

Hiya all

Well that was quite a show wasn’t it!

So let’s start off with the biggy!

New Warhammer 40,000; 10th edition!

So this will be a big leap like the 7th to 8th edition leap with a massive downloadable haul of indexes on day 1 (yay!). They are adding in reactions (which is a positive step towards alternate activations in my opinion) and als removing a ton of the things that have made the game so boggy and convoluted. I have to admit, I have not enjoyed 40K much in 9th edition and would probably say it has been my least favourite edition to date. So hopefully 10th edition will make this all better again. 
The data cards look nice and simple. Let’s hope they don’t start ruining it with additional rules. There is no need. If you can’t write it as a core rule or have it on a card, it shouldn’t be there. 

The Lion is back
The Lord of the Dark Angels is returned, and he is wearing green! So he has not been made a Traitor which is fantastic, and he has a beautiful model with many head options (I like the winged one the best). Two watchers in the Dark accompany him to war too. It will be interesting to see how his relationship to Azrael, Cypher and Guilliman is developed this coming year!

They didn’t retire the Terminator suit like I thought they would do, instead they scaled it to fit alongside the Primaris model range. Just looking at the model below shows how in need this was. It is a great decision as the Terminator is just so Warhammer 40,000 iconic that anything less would have been upsetting. 

So hopefully this is a step towards sorting Grey Knights too (they can’t be left behind). 

The new Termagaunts have been rumoured for a while and here they are, more dynamic then ever! The design feels as though it harkens back to the original metal ones slightly which is really cool. 
Looking forward to seeing what else they bring out in the 10th Ed boxed game. 

Horus Heresy: The Siege of Cthonia
A very interesting book to start off the Horus Heresy 2nd ed Campaign book series, but definitely a cool one. This hefty tome contains over 100 pages of narrative content digging into the fate of Horus’ home planet. 

The planet of Cthonia is consumed by a rolling war and under siege by the Imperial Fists. Vheren Ashurhaddon, Master of the True Sons of Cthonia, vows to retake his home before Horus claims Terra, with the aid of the Word Bearers and the Alpha Legion. 

Standing between the First Reaver and victory is a garrison of Imperial Fists led by Lord-castellan Evander Garrius. The Butcher of Larissan is reinforced by warbands of the Shattered Legions and even a cadre of Loyalist Thousand Sons. 

That’s pretty damn cool straight away. It immediately looks like Specialist Games are looking at enhancing the Horus Heresy setting with new story arcs and even giving people with forces which were shattered or not as active in the Stories a setting to use their forces (such as the Thousand Sons in this instance). 

Kill Team; Gallowfall

The Kin take on Beastmen! This is something I didn’t expect but am glad to see! The new Beastmen are a fantastic looking kit by the looks of things, and I hope we get rules for them in the Horus Heresy too! They pack mostly short range weaponry (pistols, clubs and Chainswords) so they are going to be quite a fun force to game with in the Hulk. 

The Hearthkyn have their Kill Team box sprue now too by the looks of things! Look, a Jump pack! Let’s hope they get these as a squad in 10th edition. 


A brawler too with what appears to be concussion dusters. 

Terrain looks great too. A generous and realistic quantity of escape pods and med Bay tables. I will be getting this box itself just for those components!

Cities of Sigmar
Who doesn’t like a force of just standard regular humans! This new unit enables you to field just that. They are very classic looking sculpts, with a nice mush mash of weapons :)

So all in all a great show. Head over to Warhammer Community for more info. 

Battle Bunnies. 

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  1. No really unexpected announcements but definitely some great miniatures.

    I like the new Datasheets for 40k. Moving WS and BS off the base stat line to the appropriate weapons allows the removal of special weapon rules like the Thunderhammer and Powerfist "Unwieldy" -1 to hit. Spacemarines also don't need a separate way to deal with Bolter Discipline. Waiting to see more but it could be really good.