Saturday 4 May 2024

Darktide the Board game review!

 Hi all

We have received the new Darktide Boardgame and had a fun game of it!

Darktide is based on the Kill Team game system, with a small Warhammer Quest twist. The initiative order is determined by an activation card based system, similar to Cursed City.

The miniatures are unfortunately not new designs and do not represent those in the Video Game. Feel this is a bit of a shame, as it would encourage more people to buy the game.

There is a deck with upgrades which enable your team to stock up.

The Behaviour table is great and enables you to play the game on your own, without pulling punches on your team (move down the order, and where it can be targeting one person or the other, you choose the worst of 2x options).

Here is the first mission (Round 1 and Round 2). 

The biggest disappointment is the board itself. It would have been far better if it was a board akin to the Blackstone fortress or Betrayal at Calth in design. 

I would recommend this game for people who want to get into Warhammer Kill Team, otherwise I would suggest waiting for a game like Warhammer Quest.


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