Sunday 23 June 2024

Skaventide Box - Lord Veritant

 Hi all

Honey the Destroyer has been painting the lovely new Lord Veritant model from the new Skaventide box. 

She really wanted to make the model look as though she had seen a lot of action, and that her armour was very old. So heavily weathering was the way forward!

Thanks again to Games Workshop for the sample!

Painting guide.

Undercoat with Mechanicum Standard Grey.

1) Paint with Tinny Tin.
2) Drybrush with Runelord Brass.
3) Agrax Earthshade wash.
4) Light Drybrush with Runelord Brass.
5) 1:1 Nihilakh Oxide and Lahmian Medium pinwashed into the recesses.
6) Light Dybrush of Runelord Brass.

1) Vallejo Old God.
2) Mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium
3) Drybrush of Vallejo Old Gold.
4). Light Edge Highlight of Auric Gold.

1) Kantor Blue
2) Washed with Drakenhov Nightshade and Nuln Oil (recess washed)
3) Edge Highlight with 50:50 Fenrisian Grey and Kantor Blue.

More of this great box this week.




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