Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's that time of the week again for the Battle Bunnies Weekly Progress Report. Enjoy :-)

Drake Seta

Drake Seta has finished Mortarion. He will post him soon. He has already started his next Project. He is assembling and painting 5-6 tanks for his Iron Warriors force. Here is his 3 Basilisks for his Stor Bezashk. 

Targel Vypus 

I completed my Ashen Circle this week and I am very happy with the way they have come out. Once I have some good pictures with them on a battlefield, I will post them up. 

I have trimmed and primed my second 20 man squad and trimmed 10 heavy support for which I am planning on doing them all at the same time. I have also made a lot of progress on Erebus. This model is very intimidating with all the details but I think I've done a good job so far and I can't wait to show all you and my fellow bunnies once he is done.

Little Bunny has shocked Khall and Drake with her painting skills and mastery of techniques never used before. Here is the WIP of her stunning Maulerfiend for her Chaos Cultist force. Calth will burn!

Darko Thane

Darko Thane has completed his Red Butchers (see post for details) and will now work towards a new tactical squad to bolster his ranks.

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts. Also don't forget to vote on our poll if you haven't already.

Take care :-) 


  1. The texture on the can't wait to see that one done!

    1. It's crazy good. Just drybrush Leadbelcher over black on sides of armour plates raising to Iron breaker on top. Lightly sponge speckle with Runefang steel then glaze with 2 coats of Lahmian / Blood for the blood god.

    2. Damn. Sorry Greg accidentally deleted your response. Yes that is all it is. Runelord Brass over Warplock on the trims.

  2. No problem! Thanks for taking the time to respond, appreciate it!