Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Legions on Parade: Johannes Helleberg's Sons of Horus

Today we have a very well painted Sons of Horus Legion by Johannes. 

The Legion amasses. 

A great looking Cataphractii Terminator squad. 

Ooh. That is some decent chipping. 

Garvi leads the host. 

The sons of Horus were fans of their Kheres Mortis Contemptors. 

A great looking Legion and well painted. If you want to be on Legion on Parade next week follow the Legion on parade link on the left and like us on Facebook. 

Drake Seta


  1. All of that is looking really good. Well done

  2. The chipping and weathering is done nice minimal, really like the barrels of the Assault cannons.

  3. Really nice legion you got there dude, well done.