Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fulgrim - Fireblade Replacement

Hey bunnies

I have been looking for a Fireblade replacement for the Blade of Laer ever since the Fulgrim model came out. Its not because I don't like sword that comes with the fantastic Forge World model, it just can't be used in the Great Crusade. So, after much searching, I give you my version on Fireblade:

I went for this sword in the end because it was everything I picture Fireblade and Fulgrim to be during the Great Crusade - flamboyant, elegant, excentric and noble - but also have a simplistic charm that Ferrus Manus would have used. I painted it using the description from the book Fulgrim - 'golden blade that shone with the fire of the forge' the detail along the centre of the sword blends from yellow, through orange and finally to a dark red. I have done red rubies etched into the blade as I feel these would be a romantic, symbolic gemstone for Fulgrim. 

I hope you like my work. I am not the strongest painter but I am very proud of how he has turned out. 

Please feel free to comment below :)



  1. You are most welcome brother. It looks awazeing Khall, a perfect representation of fire blade.

  2. Replies
    1. Why thank you :) I am glad you like

  3. Looks really great. Almost as if it came in the box as standard.

  4. Shiny. Andreas miniatures?

    1. I am not sure. Lol I bought it off ebay :)

    2. pretty sure its this guy
      One of my all time favourite models!

    3. Yeah! Thats it! Lovely model!

  5. Looks awesome indeed! It is like I inagine it to be as well!! Nice work