Monday, 7 July 2014

Preparing for Calth: Chaos Maulerfiend

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. 

Little Bunny has finished her first big project, a Chaos Maulerfiend. It is going towards her Chaos Cultist force to join us in the Heresy at Calth. 

She painted the red by first dry brushing Leadbelcher over the main black surfaces of the model and then bringing it up zenithal with Ironbreaker before sponging Runefang steel over it sporadically. She then covered the silvered' main plates with a 50:50 mix of Blood for the blood god and Lahmian medium (to dull the shine). 

The trim was done with Runelord Brass. 

The lashes were done with Leadbelcher and drybrushed with Ironbreaker before being washed with black. 

She has now started a Defiler for her force. More to come. 

Little Bunny

CO Drake Seta


  1. It's looking awsome, considering that was her 1st ever big project she should be very proud. Well done kid!

  2. Never considered painting red like that before. Very nice!

    1. Very tempted to do our Dark Mechanicum in that same scheme too.