Friday, 18 July 2014

March of the colossus

This week I have put the finishing touches to my favorite non primarch models in my army, the contemptors.

This is the Iron Hands specific chassis and was an absolute dream to paint. The head especially was really fun.

This is the relic chassis and is equipped with a kheres assault cannon and a plasma blaster in his fist.

And last but not least is this guy here, this is the standard chassis and I have equipped him as a pure combat monstrosity with a heavy flamer and graviton gun in his fists.

These collossus will be the armored fist that pulverizes all enemy's of the imperium.


  1. Looking good Mega. Have you decided on a Clan for them yet?

    Also you have some really varied weapon choices. Which do you think would be best against which 30k races and what Role do you envision them taking?

  2. The entire army will be clan Avernii as they were Ferrus's favorites furring the late crusades and will be really fun to play after isstavaan 5.

    Also the kheres armed contemptor is probably the most balanced of the three and would be awsome at purging the green skin menace. However the Heavy Conversion Beamer/ Las Cannon armed one is my favorite due to it's shear destructivness.