Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mechanicum Goals for the Battle Bunnies

Hi there Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. 

So with all the great looking minis coming out for the Cogboys; our gaming group has managed to put a list of what we want to purchase for our Communal Mechanicum force.  

Archmagos Prime: Archaeotech pistol; Corposant stave; Rad Cleanser; Conversion beamer; Augury Scanner; Cyber-Familiar; Melta bombs; Infravisor; Rad grenades; Cortex controller; Abeyant; Djinn-skein (if warlord) 335
Archmagos Dominus: Volkite Serpenta; Rad Cleanser; Machinator array; Augury scanner; Mechanicum Protectiva; Cyber-Familiar; Melta bombs; Infravisor 170

Magos Reductor: Archaeotech pistol; Meltagun; Servo-arm; Augury scanner; Mechanicum Protectiva; Melta bombs; 1 Phosphex bomb 130

2 Myrmidon Secutors: Maxim Bolter; Volkite Charger; Graviton Gun; Phased plasma Fusil; Myrmidon Lord (Maxim Bolter; Graviton Gun) 200

9 Thallax Cohort: 1:3 Multi-melta; 2× 1:3 Photon Thruster 560
Triaros Armoured Conveyor: 2× Hunter killer missiles; Extra armour; Smoke Launchers 155
3 Thallax Cohort 165

5 Castellax: Infravisor 450
3 Castellax: 3× Two Flamers; 3× Two Battle-Automata Power Blades; 3× Multi-Melta; Frag grenades 315
10 Adsecularis Covenant: Carapace Armour; Induction Chargers 70
10 Adsecularis Covenant: Mitralocks; Carapace Armour 55
3 Ursarax Cohort 155

3 Vorax Maniple: Frag grenades 240

2 Myrmidon Destructors: Volkite Culverin; Photon thruster Cannon; Myrmidon Lord (Conversion Beamer) 215
1 Thanatar: Enhanced Targeting Array 255
2 Krios Battle Tank Squadron: Pulsar-fusil; 1 Volkite sentinel; 2 Volkite sentinels; Hunter killer missile; 2× Extra armour; Anbaric claw 350

3,820 points

This does mark out our goals up to Book 3. Most of it has been purchased and we are looking forward to all dipping in to our collective mini pot. 
As many of us are big Knight fans we have decided not to put Knights into the Mechanicum list and instead let them be done as separate Knight houses. I am myself doing a House Raven house with my Brother Khall and Mega Nob is doing a Mechanicum house too. 
The Krios is near complete now too. Hopefully it will be wrapped up swiftly after getting back from France. 

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Drake Seta. 

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  1. Vairy nice. Mechanicum are insane, and if I had the cash I'd love to raise an army of them, but it has to wait for now.