Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's time for us bunnies to share with you our progress for this week. I will also reveal the results from out recent poll. 

Targel Vypus

As I said in a post I done a few days ago, I have finally been able to complete my Veteran squad to go into battle by Erebus' side. Here are some pictures as promised. 

I have also made a lot of progress with Lorgar so expect to see him complete very soon :-)

Drake Seta

Drake Seta has paused the wall for a week down to Foamboard madness and has started 10 Breachers for his Death Guard. He is getting all the Torsos and legs done before he does the rest of the model bits. 
"It is good to take a break from a project if you are getting frustrated or tired with it. I was tired of painting Death Guard and after taking a break from them I am happy to revisit my first Legion again after a short break."

Khall Sithis

Khalls new Emperor's Children are coming along well. He hopes to get a large amount of them completed in the next fortnight.

Lastly, but not least, here are the results of our recent poll. The question asked was 'What would you like GW to release most?' 

As you can see, these results show that what the most people would like GW to release the most is less cartoon-like models like Grimnar's sled. This really does not surprise me with some of the recent releases in the 40k range, some of which I believe to be very poor. Especially when there and been some pretty amazing fantasy stuff released. 

I personally voted for a 30k xenos race. The reason being that space marine on space marine will properly wear a bit thin with time, but is you throw in a 30k race, that could really mix things up a bit, 

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and also you reasons for voting for whatever you did in our poll. Also don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. We will also have a new poll soon, so don't forget to cast your vote.

Take care


  1. I voted for Squats! A 30k race and a awesome option!

  2. I voted for plastic mk 2 to 6 because one of the hardest things for me about playing 30k is that i live in Canada, so i have to order my troops from FW which 1) costs more and 2) takes a while to arrive via shipping. Not to mention that they would all be in plastic, which i hugely prefer to resin. However, another alien race would be awesome!

    1. That sucks mate :( should just do 1 REALLY BIG order lol