Saturday, 4 October 2014

Big Badass Battle Bunny Birthday Bash

Hey all

It started as a dream. That one day we could write compelling and interesting articles that people would actually read! 3 years later and we are humbled by the fantastic feedback and comments we get :)

Thank you everyone! 

We are going to celebrate our anniversary's with a theme matching the corresponding legion. So, as it is the third year, we decided to celebrate in style. Emperor's Children style...

Little bunny made a cake:

We had copius amounts of booze and sugary, flavoursome treats:

Followed by a homemade meal - stuffed chicken breast with a cherry and raspberry jus served with sweet potato fries and mediterranean veg! Very camp and colourful!

We had a great time :)

Next year we will do the same for the Iron Warriors...what do you think we should serve?



  1. That is for sure a nice way to celebrate. Cake does look tasty ;)

  2. Was a fun day, too much wine though! Looking forward to next year for Iron Warriors. Just got to work out what the bland bastards would eat.

  3. I love the cake, third legion for the win.

    Well you can't go wrong with blood and mud ;)

  4. Lovely celebration! A nice milestone on the blog. Keep up the good work!