Friday, 3 October 2014

Word Bearer update

Hi all

I just thought I'd share with you where I currently am at with my Pre-heresy Word Bearers and what my plans are for the next few months. So let's get started.


I have completed the main part of Lorgar. The only bits I still have to do is his base and the diorama stand that he comes with. I know there there people who are not too fond of the bases that come with the Primarchs, but the way I see it why wouldn't you want prober lot the most important model in you army stand out when it's in the display cabinet?  

Erebus and Kor Phaeron

This is the same as Lorgar. I have completed the model but just need to do the base.

I have not made a start with Kor as I am planing on getting some terminators to accompany him into battle. 

Once both of these are complete, I will again complete the diorama base that comes with them. 

Ashen Circle

I have completed my first 5 Ashen Circle and I have had a chance to use then in a battle, and let's just say I am very happy with the way they chipped and sliced their way through some Word Eaters. As a result if this, I am very keep to get at least another 5 of these beautiful models.


I have completed in total 38 tactical marines, 2 of which are Sergeants. I am currently working though a word bearer shoulder pads for each of these. Which even thought I do really like them, they are becoming a bit if a pain to do so many in one go.

I have recently acquired 20 assault marines for which I have not started yet but I aim to do 2 squads of 10 

Heavy Support

I have 10 Heavy Support marina which will be 2 5 man squads, 1 of which will have lasscannons and the other one with be equipped with missile launcher . All I have managed to complete of these are their body's  and the missile launchers. So I still have quite a way to go with these.


The only elites I have started is my contempter dreadnought, which u have only started because I for my shoulder pads one day, but I must say, it was a glad to be able to do something different lol. I managed to complete all the interior metal bits.

For those if you who has seen my previous post, I have also complete a 5 man veteran squad. I plan for these to hopefully accompany my warlord where appropriate.

So that's it for all of the stuff I have currently started, however I also have a rapier cannon, fellblade and a storm eagle. These will more then likely be the last models I start for my word bearers, and I am even contemplating holding the fellblade back until I start a certain yellow legion. What do you guys think?

And top of all that, the new dark eldar stuff is very tempting but I will try and get a sizeable force before a re visit them.

So that's it from me. Please comment below on your thoughts on what I have done so far and also what you should think I should tackle next. 

Thank you and take care :-) 


  1. Looking good Mr Vypus. I'd say a Predator would be a good shout for the next thing to do. Loved seeing Lorgar in battle too. He is very impressive.

  2. I really like your Lorgar model. Really well done! What a lovely sculpt!

    It's funny you do your bases I always do mine first :).

  3. I say finish your grey word bearers and then you should move on to your Imp Fists!