Monday, 18 January 2016

1st Legion update Dark Angels missile launcher squad

Hi everyone

This is the latest update on my completed Dark Angel units a 5 man missile launcher squad. The squad provides me with more heavy support options along with my plasma cannons. Again the models are from the Betrayal at Calth box set which has provided almost all my completed models so far as they have been easy to work through.

This was a really easy but fun unit to assemble and paint and they took no time at all to finish. Along with the rest of my completed models so far these guys made their first appearance at the bunnies Christmas get together though they didn't manage to achieve much they still held off the oncoming traitor legions for a few turns.

I will be starting work soon some more heavy support for the 1st legion in the form of some predator executioners again in keeping with the plasma loving nature of the Dark angels. Which will give me a good base of heavy support to build on in the future.



  1. Look awesome buddy! Looking forward to the predators.

  2. They look fantastic, nice work buddy :)

  3. Brilliant! The army is looking really good!!

  4. Wow, the 1st are looking damn fine!

  5. Damn. I at first thought the black would look to meh... But after seeing these guys I'm almost lamenting my choice of legion. Good job castiel. Keep it up.