Tuesday, 16 February 2016

1st legion update Dark Angels tactical support with plasma guns

Hi everyone

This is the next of my completed Dark Angel squads a 5 man tactical support squad with plasma guns. As with my other support units I have gone for a mix of mk2 mk3 and mk4 armour as I like the variation within the squad. They also fit in with the Dark Angels love of all things plasma.

 I completed these models before book 6 was released with plasma guns but I intend to use them occasionally as plasma repeaters. As I'm not entirely convinced that we will see an upgrade for this rare legion specific weapon.

I have only had 1 opportunity to use this unit at the Bunnies Xmas get together and I was impressed with how they faired.  As not 1 died due to the gets hot rule and because they managed to take a couple of wounds off of Motarion before being wiped out.

I can't wait to use these guys again with the new Dark Angel rules with the plasma repeaters they will be awesome. Also in the future I may consider making them upto a ten man squad just so I have more options.