Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Sons of Nostramo #11: A blue suit for Mr Choomy Womp Womp

Good morning all.

More progress on the leviathan this week. 

At Bunnies HQ we've been discussing what noises the different 30k weapons make, we decided that Volkite goes 'choom' and grav goes 'womp' hence the newly titled Mr Choomy Womp Womp.

I've spent most of the time studying Paul Rudge's lovely Death Guard leviathan to garner tips on what parts are metal and what parts are legion coloured.
The main focus has been the blue armour plates this week, painting in Exile Blue, washing with Drakenhoff and panel painting in a layer of Kantor.

My intention is that Kantor will be my top blue with a possible highlight - although my infantry haven't been highlighted, the big fella might need a little help not looking too much like a loo block.

I've painted the torso parts and his right leg with kantor so far.

I've also spent time magnetising the arms on the leviathan (and painting in the block colours - Leadbelcher and Agrax for the metals and Exile Blue for the armour). I tend to always do this with contemptor type units as it allows you to be more flexible with your army lists. I use a company called e-magnets uk to get all my shiny rare earth magnets from - including massive ones for my titans.

While I was magnetising I decided to finally put together my Night Lords contemptor kit too, it's a lovely model with a touch of gothic sci-fi, but as I plan to do a talon I modified it a little by shaving the skin and bones from the legs and using the spare leviathan head (basically a head swap between the two). This guy will be uber Choomy with two twin linked Volkite arms and possibly a missile launcher pod on his carapace.

My biggest task now is to sort out scenic bases for the two of them so a little bit of putty work is required this week to get them both ready to serve the Night Haunter

And remember, if you can't beat them join them.

KF out.