Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Roller Banner! Merchandise Rules!

Hello all. 

Just a little post to illustrate one of my favourite parts of the Hobby. Merchandise!!!!

At the European Weekender 2014, my good friend Darko bought me this £90 banner. I was amazed at how generous he was. I then returned home and was told by my then other half "that isn't going up anywhere!" Well. That upset me. So it unfortunately ended up in a cupboard. 

Roll on to now, I am a free agent again and so hunted down a £20 800mm roller banner on eBay. And now I can extend it and hide it til my heart's content. 

I love the quality that these add to the FW events and am so pleased the Bunnies now have one. I'm sad to say I may be buying more too!! You see we are planning a fair few big events in the future and items like this surrounding the halls will look fantastic. 

That brings me to another thing. T-shirts, Dice, explosion templates and more are so well received from the community. We love buying accessories which show our support for our favourite Legions. 

We have these fantastic Dice coming soon from Forge World (Legion symbol on the 6 of course!), and it has been a long time coming!

More Merchandise please! There is nothing better than drinking from your Legion Mug, wearing your Legion T-shirt and rolling your Legion Dice!

And stuff like this too please!!!

Drake Seta