Saturday, 27 February 2016

Darko's recent progress

Hey guys hope you are all well :) today I thought I'd share with you all some recent progress I have been making with a few projects. As you are well aware I am currently working through some update works for my World Eaters, and also most recently I shared with you all the goings on with a Mechanicum army I have recently undertaken.

(If you missed that check out my post on Tuesday just gone)

So a little more explanation into what I am currently up to. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on bringing my World Eaters to a completed standard. This meant rebasing and touching up the models with a bit of weathering, chipping etc. 

Most recently I have been making headway on my Rampager squad. Only a few have been worked on so far, but they really do make a difference turning a nicely painted model into a realistic interpratation of a battle-hardened Space Marine. 

Here are a few snaps of what I have done so far, but again only baby steps have been made so far:

A lesson I have learned from Drake is that when you are applying such detail to a model that its good practice to have one done, and then use that model as a reference for the next lot. Too many times have I painted one and thought to myself; "that looks great!!" and then proceed to just coat the further models how I please and then have things look mismatched!!!!

As you can see a few scratches and panel damage have started to really bring the model to life. You can see my guide of what I am doing in a recent post of mine for my last update post. To acheive this damage I am using a very light application of Gorthor Brown using a sponge on edges and a verrrrryyyyy fine detail brush for single scratches, chips etc.

Away from the World Eaters, as I mentioned earlier, I have recently adopted a Mechanicum army and have started work on this. Unfortunately I haven't got any further pics to show other than what you saw in the last post:

I am trying to work through these alongside my World Eaters. Some of these are really nice and I cant wait to show off more to you. Really fun to fill in some places that weren't completed before and make them my own. 

So a little more insight into the goings on of Darko Thane!! Hope you all enjoyed reading :) just a little thing to add to the above here. Soon I will taking on a new project which I know some of you will be very excited to see, but more will be explained in due course as I am still working on other things right now!!!

Darko Thane