Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Kaelo Rylanus: Raven Guard Update

Hey all

It has been full steam ahead with my Raven Guard legion now that life is getting back to normal. Tonight is a quick look at the work in progress of one of my elite units, the Contemptor Dreadnought. I have gone for the legion specific version from Forge World.

Mine is armed with an autocannon to give my legion a bit of high-strength ranged attacks. 

As a nice contrast I have equipped the chainfist with a Meltagun for some extra punch. I never used to like the design of the chainfist but now I have made one it really has grown on me. 

I am also assembling Corax at the moment. I have posed his pistol arm slightly differently and I am not using the scenic base. Pictures will follow over the weekend - where I am aiming to spray my legion black for my next post.

Of my initial 3000 pts, I only have 3 Jetbikes and a Javelin left to assemble.

I hope you have enjoyed my update.



  1. That's a nice dread.

    Can't wait for paint!

  2. Definitely my favourite Contemptor.

  3. Really cool, can't wait to start mine now :)

    Looking at the dread, it also would be really nice for a XIX Pre-Corax or Carcharodons army. Any ideas what to do with the raven skull in his chest?

    1. Someone really talented could sculpt it into a shark skull mabey? This gives me a burst of sudden inspiration...

  4. Nice :-) Looking forward to seeing them painted :-)