Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 12

Hello all!

As you may have seen in our weekly updates, I have been working on my support vehicles for my Sons of Horus First Company. I had been waiting for the weather to cooperate, so that I could get the 9 vehicles that I have base coated. Finally the rain stopped falling just long enough for me to run out of paint after getting 6 of them base coated! I managed to get the Land Raider, 2 vindicators, Spartan, Sicaran and 1 dreadclaw done with 2 cans of spray!

As I had hoped the vehicles are not taking too long to paint. I have continued to use the same process for my painting that I laid out in my Justaerin painting guide. 

I started with my Land Raider Mk2B. I was pleased with how the scheme worked on the vehicles and moved straight onto my 2 vindicators. 

Next up is my Spartan, which I will be starting over the next couple of days hopefully. When I get a dry day off I will get the Fireraptor and remaining 2 Dreadclaws base coated. Given how quick they are to paint, I'm confident that I will have all 9 done in the next 3-4 weeks!