Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Plasma Gun Support Squad Update

Hello everyone,

I'm back with another quick update on my plasma gun support squad. Unfortunately I've hit a bit of a speed bump this past week having made so much progress over easter weekend!

For all of my Iron Hands troop units I have decided to go with using the shoulder pads out of the Iron Hands Legion Mk III squad. My reasoning for this choice was just based on how unique they are compared to the standard Mk III ones.

As you can see from the picture above the shoulder pad has an embossed cog and an area within the cog for the transfer to sit. The problem I have been having is that the new set of Iron Hands transfers don't seem to have a clan emblem transfer that is the correct size to fit inside the embossed cog. Now this is just from my own testing, but the smaller shoulder pad transfers on the picture below are just slightly too big and don't sit smoothly within the cog. I should mention that I have cut out the transfers as closely as I possibly can.

The image below demonstrates how the new transfer sits in the cog and is slightly elevated at the edges.

The first picture on the post of the Forgeworld painted Iron Hand features the knee transfer from the old transfer sheet which I think was obviously designed to fit these shoulder pads. The new knee transfers on the new sheet are now absolutely tiny, so again don't fit the cog correctly. Therefore because of this discovery I'm having to use the old knee transfers for all of my Iron hands infantry! Its a good job I had two spare sheets of the old transfers!

Apologies because the transfers are difficult to see on this photo!

So below are some pictures of my progress! On the first picture I am trialing out the silver cog with the white transfer to compare it to them both being white like on the second image.

In my opinion I think the old transfers do look right for these shoulder pads and even if the new ones did only just fit in, I don't think it would look right with no black separating the two cogs.

I am undecided on which to go with as yet but you will see my final decision on my next post! So a word of advice to Iron Hand players using the new transfers, be careful and do some tests if you are using these shoulder pads. You may of course get better results than me so let me know if you do!

Thanks again for reading,

Aveinus Kaane