Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weekly Progress Report 03/04/2016

Hi all

It's Sunday at that means it's time for a weekly progress report. 

Darien has been building and prepping vehicles this week for his SoH. Look out for a full update tomorrow!

Atia has finished her Kurtha Sedd this week, and started to build her Heavy Support Squad. She also started to work on some Tankbustaz for her Orks.

Tylar managed to finish his Vindicator to the point where now it will await transfers. 
Next on the list is the Typhon and Spartan with a final touch up to the fist of two Xiphons. With a leviathan and the fist set of Solar Auxilla on the Horizon. It's all slowly coming together for the VIIth Legion.

Drake has been moving and has a busy week ahead. Progress may be slow until he is settled in. I have felt the impact of Hurricane Drake and my gaming room is currently off limits lol

Aveinus has been spending this week making the finishing touches to his plasma gun support squad, however he has hit a few problems on applying the transfers to the shoulder pads. He will be giving an update on the squad on his next blog post.

King Fluff has been wrestling with his Warlord Titan - making good use of Queen Fluff's trusty hair dryer.

So once again, some great progress from the majority of the Bunnies. Hopefully you have enjoyed the update.