Sunday, 17 April 2016

Weekly Progress Report 17/04/2016

Good evening everyone :)

This week the Bunnies have been busy. Some unfortunately with things not Hobby related. 

First up Drake has been busy this week but has found time to attend to some Battle Automata in the form of 3 Vorax. He hopes to get them finished in the next 2 weeks as a side project.

He is also planning on assembling and painting a Imperial Space Marine this week for the XIV Legion. He managed to Nab 4 of the Ltd ed mini by collaring passer-bys to go in and buy minis for him. He does need 4 though (one for each of his four Legions).

Kaelo has been assembling more Raven Guard. Here is a look at his MKIV tactical squad with resin shoulder pads (which he had to file down so the rims were the same as the right pad). Next up is a shooty veteran squad, Corax, some Jetbikes and the finishing pieces to his Contemptor.

Darien has started work on his vehicles! He managed to base coat 6 of the 9 before running out of paint! Work has now started on painting the Land Raider.

Atia worked on her Contemptor Dreadnought this week - he is almost finished, besides a few details. Here you can see his body before assembling:

This week King Fluff has been back on black (and bone) with more Mechanicum units. He's currently mechandrites deep in a Triaros Armoured Conveyor and a modest sized unit ofThallax. Stay tuned for completed jetbikes and Mechanicum in the next few weeks.

That's some great progress all round this week. 

And some of the future projects coming through look awesome. Stay tuned for more exciting posts this week. 

Let us know what you've been working on. 

- Tylar ;)