Monday, 9 May 2016

King Fluff's Pick n' Mix

Good evening everyone.

I did intend for tonight's post to be solely about the boys in (dark) blue but being the hobby butterfly that I am I just couldn't steer clear of various other projects on the hobby bench.

As you know I've been working on a unit of jetbikes for my Night Lords, and a contemptor talon. Well progress hasn't been as forthcoming as I'd expected, primarily late night shifts throwing out my painting routine. I've do far managed to get the metals and wash done on two contemptors and part painted the jetbikes in batches. I stalled a little with the jetbikes as I was scratching around for bases for them to test out the magnets I brought to aid in a more dynamic pose for them.

I've also been plugging away at more Mechanicum, building, priming, base coating and washing my Archmagos Prime, 2 more Thallax and a second Domitar. These will be getting the finishing touches whilst I build the third Thanator.

And lastly I've finally begin the Thousand Sons. My initial builds will be fairly generic to allow for future releases to feature in my army but my initial idea was to build an army based on the HHCCG artwork, so I've begun with a 10 man unit who may well become a tactical support squad, a Praetor and a Xiphon. I may well use the 10 men for the first half of a tactical squad - which would allow what I've got so far to be used as an allied detachment for either my Night Lords or my Mechanicum.

I'm still to test out some painting techniques on them and which washes I want to use as I don't want them too light or too dark but with more definition than my previous army which was Blood Red washed with Flesh Wash.

I guess tonight has been more of a portentous post, whispering promises of future posts.

Forgive the tease.

I've a free day tomorrow so I plan to hobby my socks off and get you some pics of the xiphon and completed jetbikes.

And remember if someone asks if you're a god, you say "YES!".

KF out


  1. Awesome looking TS prateor! And the Night Lords jetbikes look amazing!

  2. That Thousand Sons Praetor does look very cool. What parts did you use for him?

  3. It was Eidolon in the most part with a Kromlech head and tomb kings sword. With two mk3 Thousand Sons pads (the blank one still needs a scarab) the chest is two details shaved off the upgrade kit torsos.

  4. As the others have said the Thousand Sons Praetor is quite something. Can only look forward to seeing him painted.

  5. Wow...that is a lot of projects! Love the thousand sons kit bash.

  6. Thanks for the kind words guys, there's still a little to do on him as yet, I'm considering giving him a Night Lords pad on the right arm as ultimately when Forge World release their own characters he will become an indentured Librarian serving with my Night Lords prior to the Council of Nikea.

  7. That TS preator is super sexy!

    I take it your not going with the metallic red scheme for the TS?

    1. No - no metallics for my Sons, I think it would make them too different to my other HH armies and so would bother me when I'm using them altogether. He is however getting a metallic blue cloak as a compromise.