Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Scenery; and the pursuit of awesome

Hi all

Just a small post tonight regarding some of my recent acquisitions. 

So we have some fantastic scenery readily available to us from Forge World, Games Workshop and Citadel. But we always want more awesome. More detail to add to a board, perfect cargo crates (please Forge World) and the most realistic fauna possible. 

I have been after extra detail for my Mortalis and FW Cityscape boards for a very long time. The bits I really wanted unfortunately have been discontinued by Forge World, making items like the Anphellion Medicae table and cargo crawler pure Gold dust. Many of you have probably searched time and time again for the whole Anphellion base on eBay or even the trench system. We love this stuff, but sadly it gets taken from the catalogues. 

Well I have found a little car that I had to get. From a company called Wargames Exclusive, I have purchased a lovely little run around which I can place amongst my hive or street battles as that little bit of awesome detail.

It looks very Sci fi gothic and is clearly made to go into the 40k universe. 

The scale is just right too. 

They do many different types and designs. I just hope the do a destroyed one soon.

I also managed to acquire one of these too! Great news for my Mortalis board. 

So all in all a great scenery day for me

Drake Seta