Friday, 3 June 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Roboute Guilliman - Lord of Ultramar Book Review

Hi all

I thought I would post something a little bit different tonight and have a look at my current book. I wanted to write about it now because then I couldn't accidentally include spoilers lol. Long time readers will know that I am a huge Ultramarine fan and that Roboute Guilliman is my favourite Primarch, so when a limited edition book about him was leaked I knew I had to have it.

First of all I would like to discuss the quality of the actual item. The hardback comes in a black protective case which has some embellished symbols and iconography which looks to have been hand painted (not an even finish). But it feels very weighty and secure with what seems to be a magnetic clasp for the fold-down.

Inside the case is the continued artwork from the front cover with Guilliman striding forward (with no iris' or pupils for some reason lol). Behind him are some MKIV marines all in the beautiful Ultramarine blue. On the left hand side is the unique identity number and the book slides out of the right hand compartment.

The book itself has a smooth cover with a fabric spine. The big mans beautiful mug is plastered across the front <3

The pages are thick like light card and have a silver/metallic edge. It's not a particularly long book, rocking in at around 180 pages.

I have read a large chunk of the book already and class it as fair to good. Maybe my expectations were a little bit high (Roboute Guilliman + Great Crusade = boyhood dream) so it's probably my fault partly. Although extremely well written, I am finding it hard to enjoy any of the characters. Guilliman seems to be making mistakes (in the eyes of his entire legion), captains are bickering and there is a large focus on units who are not being utilised (this story arc hasn't concluded so it may be building for the last 50 or so pages). 

What could have been an awesome in-depth description of a massive campaign against an Ork empire has, in my opinion, just turned into a prequel to the Horus Heresy. I personally believe that is a wasted opportunity. This should have been Great Crusade. 

Overall I am reasonably happy with the purchase. The presentation feels a little bit cheap and the book is not what I expected but, as said before, it is very well written. I will buy the future publications for Jaghatai Khan, Corax, Horus and Magnus, probably Vulkan too, but this will purely be because they are potential campaigns that we can reproduce for the blog.

I hope you have enjoyed my little review. Were you lucky enough to get a copy before it sold out? What are your opinions? I am desperate to hear other people's opinions so please comment below.

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