Sunday, 5 June 2016

Warlord Titan: Bone Garland Progress

Hi all.
Here is my progress on my Mars Pattern Warlord Titan. Big steps with lots of new techniques.

I assembled the Mars Beta Head unit (glued the lid down as I don't want to do the internal detail at this stage).

I first sprayed the piece with Klear polish (shown wet above) and left it to . I did two thin coats of this.

I then created this muddy oil mix with Indigo, Burnt umber and Raw seinna, as well as a nice dose of white spirits (ends up like thick gravy). Nice and easy to mix together, and you should know when you are happy with it.

 Cover the piece (note this is my first ever attempt at this). Dry with a hair drier until the piece is semi dry (waxy).


Then using a flat piece of cotton (old bed linen etc) carefully rub and buff off the the oil to leave a grime and dirt effect just around the rivets (note the Klear protects the paint and transfers).

 leaves dirt and grime in the recesses.

 I sprayed the piece with Klear polish and left to dry. I did two coats of this.

 Covered in oil paint,

I sprayed the piece with Klear polish (shown dry above) and left to dry. I did two coats of this.

 Scary over white!!!

 Here is how the majestic Bone garland look as of now.

Such an effective way of creating detail and definition. It also gives the impression of a War Machine which has walked for decades,

 The white buffed up nicely.

Bone Garland is well on his way to being complete now.
Next time Gun shields and Transfers!! Sneak Peak:

Drake Seta