Friday, 24 June 2016

Praetor Tribune, Tylos Rubio and Blackshield Transfers!

Howdy Guys and Girls - just a quick post about some new releases this weekend!

First, you can get the limited Praetor Tribune at your local store tomorrow - I already got mine, so let's take a look:

He is done in FW resin (not! Finecast), very well cast, maybe the molding on the shoulder is on a weak spot, but shouldn't be too hard to remove.

He also got unique rules for your 30k games - I think they are a bit too restrictive but if you plan to use him as he comes, it's quite cool!

Kaelo was able to hold one painting in Ultramarines colours when they were at Warhammer World. I think he would also works great with Emperor's Children or White Scars colours.

Also up for pre-order today are some new bundles for painting, aswell as Rubio ...

Kaelo already painted his Rubio, you can check more pics of him here.

... and the Black Shield transfer sheet. It's pretty awesome, although I think Forgeworld should have added a guide for what warbands the different transfers are. I can make out Dark Brotherhood and Ashen Claws!

What do you think about the release and pre-order of this weekend? Will you get a Tribune? If so, for what Legion will you use him? Tell us in the comments below :)

Lady Atia