Thursday, 23 June 2016

Lady Atia's Scorpion - progress!

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little post today about my progress so far this week:

I re-worked my Brass Scorpion - last time I was in a hurry and wasn't really happy with the outcome, so I stripped the parts and did it again - I really like the plates now. The technique is the same as last time, but i focused the pre-shading over the trim instead of next to it.

To sum up what I did so far:

- Metallic Basecoat
- Random lines with Gal Vorbak Red
- Pre-shading with thinned down Calth Blue - spray it over the trim!
- If you like to, you can also do another pre-shade with Mortarion Green where the deepest shadows would be
- Several thinned down layers of Angron Red - no worries if your first layers look weird, it will cover at the end

The trim was done with Castellax Bronze, Valdor Gold and Runefang Steel.

I also want to note, it's kind of hard to take pictures as the high gloss surface reflects the light, but I quite like the effect =)

Hope you like it so far! I still need a base - so if anyone has an idea what to use for it, I would appreciate it!

Lady Atia