Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Legion Praetor Tribune - Making him Yours part II

So for those of you that saw part one of the journey you'll remember this guy. For those of you who haven't go check out my post of how to make a Tribune yours. 

Now  I've been using a tip that Mark Bedford put me on to which if I'm honest I would not have done but it works. 

Stage one Black undercoat. 

Followed by the white one. 

So here we have the pieces prepped to go. Now at this point the legs were not glued onto the base as that would be painted seperate. But I did check it for fit ensuring the pinned legs were still sitting right. 

The next stage was a base coat of Averland Sunset. 

Here you can see I've gone over the model with Agrax in the areas that with either be detailed later or turned into gold trim for the armour. 

I then went in a blocked out the black areas and then detailed the White. I also painted the head. 

As you can see by this point he was really coming on. 

I then began detailing the model and blocking out any additional areas with a mix of Averland Sunset and Flash Gitz yellow. 

Here you can see the detailing on the shield I added that has the Phalanx Warden detail on the right shoulder pad. 

Base painted and legs glued in place. Next was the full build. 

And here he is in all his glory. 

Now I've purposely missed out 2 steps here of my normal process for finishing this model. As some of you will have seen from previous posts I have yet to add any transfers. This is a personal thing that I'm working on. Until I have it right with all the varnishes etc in place I'm waiting out on this step. 

Also with this particular model I haven't given him a glaze of Lamenters Yellow. 
The reason being is I'm undecided whether he actually 'needs' it. I plan to paint my remaining Tacticals and then go from there seeing how the paint scheme stands next to those. 

I hope you've enjoyed following this. Due to factors outside of my control I wasn't able to post this last week but it was worth the wait. 

As usually feel free to ask any questions and comment below. 

Until next time. The Emperor Protects. 

- Tylar :D