Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Dark Furies

Hello bunnies!!

I hope that you are all well and that the Gods of painting and gaming are favouring you lol

Today I wanted to take a closer look at one of my completed Raven Guard units, the Dark Furies!

When I first played with these (admittedly with their old rules) I was tremendously underwhelmed with them. The new Red Book has given them a new lease of life though by giving them Raven's Talons as standard.

So, not only are they highly mobile, they sting like a bitch on any turn they charge! With buffs to strength (through legion traits - Furious Assault), initiative, master-crafted, rend, shred and 4 attacks, these really become a nightmare for heavier  Mechanicum units and Elites!

My favourite 2 stories for them came during Throne of Skulls 2016. First was in my second game where they charged and decimated Michaels Castellax - a unit which was terrifying me! - and then in my third game where they charged Curze and some Raptors. Kyle rolled some great dice and both units disappeared leaving Curze as the sole survivor with 3 wounds remaining. Truly a game changing unit if they get to combat. Just wish they had artificer armour lol.

The models themselves are beautifully designed but I think some of the poses look a bit clumsy...the shoulder pads and helmets are my favourite part of the design. I would like to buy some more in the future to kitbash into an Assault Squad (if anyone has 10 pairs of MKVI assault arms let me know lol). It would also be kinda cool if they were scoring but I can understand that isn't their role and why there are fewer units in 30k that can claim objectives. 

They are good to be run in groups of why wouldn't you? Go buy some now lol! I will be plonking my Praetor with them for most battles (he has a jump pack so he can keep up!) too to make them even more killy.

What do you all think of the Dark Furies? How do you run yours? Is there anything I have missed in my rundown which is worth mentioning? 

Until next time, stay fluffy!